Kimono Kollab    

Collaborating with artists all over the world to give vintage Kimono a new life is a main objective of KIMONO KOLLAB

Kimono Kollab is a project conceived by Noriko Collins. Noriko was moved by the plight of unwanted kimonos still in good condition save for a tiny tear or stain, that were being callously disposed of in the hundreds and thousands every year in her native Japan. She had a simple idea – to bring them to her adopted homeland, Singapore, where she saw creativity fermenting all around her, and pass them to local designers to create something new with the beautiful fabrics.


“I was stricken by the tragedy of all these beautiful kimonos collecting dust in warehouses. They were pieces of history, once proudly worn and cherished, each with an intricate story woven into its fabric. I couldn’t bear the thought of them being tossed away like so many pieces of worthless trash. I had to do something.
And so the idea for Kimono Kollab was born.”
- Noriko Collins 



Beautiful transformations of Kimono by Singapore Designers